Facebook’s Ask Button

Facebook has a new feature called the “ask” button that gives your friends a new way to be nosy! It’s a way they can ask you for personal information that you may have left out of your profile — like relationship status, or school and job information. When users look at a friends page on desktop web browsers, they’ll see the ask button on a profile’s top-left “about” box when personal information has been left blank. The button sends a notification with a chance to answer the question. Facebook gives the option to answer an “ask” request privately.

Google has opened up Google Glass to sell to the public indefinitely. If you’ve got fifteen hundred dollars, you can buy a pair while supplies last. Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. It shows information in a smart phone-like, hands-free format. Users communicate with the internet by using language voice commands.

And, Apple may be adding a split screen to its iPad. The latest rumor reported by 9 to 5 Mac says Apple is working on a way to have two app windows sit side-by-side. That’s a feature in the Microsoft Surface and other tablets, but missing from iPads. Split screens make it easier for doing things like highlighting and dragging content between windows.

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