It turns out rumors of a nearly $50 billion deal between AT&T and DirectTV were true.  The boards of the two companies met over the weekend to hash out a plan for AT&T to buy the nation’s biggest satellite television provider.

The inevitable concern is that these new internet and video powerhouses could take more control over your screens.  That’s because the AT&T-DirecTV merger would effectively cut the number of video providers from four to three for about 25 percent of U.S. households.  However, AT&T and DirecTV say the acquisition could mean new bundles that would bring TV and internet options across all of your screens, even those in cars and airplanes.  The fate of this new alliance rests in the hands of the Federal Communications Commission.

“XLTE” Delivers Added Capacity to the Verizon Wireless 

Verizon Wireless customers are getting faster data speeds.  Verizon has officially announced XLTE to 500 cities and Mobile was one of them.  XLTE is basically just a consumer-friendly buzz term that means higher data speeds and overall performance in congested areas during peak times of the day.  This means more customers in high-traffic locations can access the company’s most advanced technology to send photos, download videos, and surf the Internet at the same time and not be bogged down by heavy use.

“Mobile customers are especially mobile and enthusiastic users of 4G LTE – sharing photos and video, downloading large files, and staying connected to enjoy a great wireless experience,” said Krista Bourne, president – Houston/Gulf Coast Region, Verizon Wireless. “We have a clear competitive advantage with XLTE and expect to stay well ahead of demand to deliver these 4G LTE services better, faster and to even more customers.”

XLTE technology is particularly effective in enhancing wireless network performance in settings with a concentrated group of high-data demand customers, such as densely-populated areas, rush hours, concert venues, sports arenas/stadiums and other large event locations.  Smartphones like the iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5 and Motorola’s Droid line up are already XLTE ready.

Google Joins Instagram

Google is on Instagram, even though it has it’s own photo sharing site Google Plus.  Nine hours after joining Instagram, the account had close to 16-thousand followers and one post.  It was an interactive doodle of a rubik’s cube to celebrate the 40th birthday of the 3D puzzle.

According to the puzzle’s website, there are 43 quintillion ways to scramble a rubik’s cube.  It was invented in 19-74 and even took the inventor, Erno Rubik, a month to solve.  The answer to why Google would join its rival won’t take that long…at the end of the day, the new account is really just another advertising vehicle for the search engine giant.  It also has accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

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