Accused pistol whipping robber pleads guilty

Mobile, Ala. ( WALA) The men accused of pistol whipping an Eight Mile store clerk in June 2013 pleaded guilty to attempted murder and robbery charges, Monday May 19.

Prichard Police say Jospeh Caples and Zachery Moore were customers at the Petro gas station and targeted the clerk. The brazen crime was caught in tape.

The store clerk, Melissa Powell, says she knew the surveillance video could tell her story even better than she could.

” I was done wrong. And I’m not going to let a punk think they can do that to people and get away with it,” said Powell.

Joseph Caples is the guy in the black shirt in the surveillance video. Powell says he eventually took her to the back office where there there were no cameras. She says Caples demanded the surveillance footage and tried to shoot her but the gun didn’t fire.

“That’s all he asked me for, with a lot of words in front of it, when he was beating the crap out of me he wanted the video,” said Powell.

Caples attorney, Jason Darley says it’s hard to argue with a video. His client pleaded guilty to attempted murder and robbery. Caples’ charges both carry a 20 year to life penalty.

“He accepted responsibility for it and he is trying to pay his debt to society and make amends,” said Darley.

Police say the guy in the white shirt, seen digging through the clerk’s purse, is Zachery Moore. He has prior felonies. He pleaded guilty to robbery and he could face 99 years to life because he has prior felonies. Moore’s family and his attorney didn’t want to talk us.

As for Powell, she is moving on with her life. She is a survivor.

” I do have peace knowing I did everything I could do to make sure they didn’t get out and do this to somebody else. I will sleep well at night knowing that,” said Powell.

Sentencing is scheduled for July 10.

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