5th Annual Hangout comes to a close

The 5th Annual Hangout Music Festival is wrapping up in Gulf Shores tonight, Sunday, May 18.

40 thousand people have flocked here to see big name artists, and experience all that southern Baldwin County has to offer. Today, we asked festival-goers about their closing thoughts on the festival.

Father Mike Butler said the fest was a great experience for his entire family, even his two young daughters.

“They made it a little bit bigger this year, so it’s kind of made it a little more space to be comfortable with them here,” said Butler, “It’s really gone really well, we haven’t felt uncomfortable with them at all, so it’s been really great for the kids and the family.”

But, some festival-goers said they have a few complaints.

“It’s been fun, I wish they would let us go to the beach more, because we’re at the beach, and now, it’s either music festival or beach, not both,” said festival-goer, Raegan Karsolich, “It would be nice to be able to do both.”

Others told FOX10 if there can’t be more beach access, they hope next year the festival will consider getting mist-machines to keep the crowds cool.

“Yeah, if you’re not going to let us get on the beach, which is understandable, there’s so many people, the insurance, but they need more stuff to cool people off with,” said festival-goer Courtney Valdivia.

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