30 Teams in 30 Days: Satsuma Gators

The 2014 football season will be like none other in past years. After the state’s addition of the new Class 7A, many programs moved to different classifications and regions throughout the state. The Satsuma Gators likely drew the upper hand after dropping from 5A to 4A and will probably benefit from the reclassification this fall.

“We do not have to play Demopolis and Jackson, Saraland, some of the very outstanding 5A teams, but it’s still going to be tough. UMS-Wright, for as long as I can remember, has been one of the top teams in the state in 4A and of course they’re in our region. Thomasville is always very good, W.S. Neal, as well. We really pick up some quality opponents,” said head coach Scott Rials.

“That 5A was tough last year we have Jackson, Demopolis – all those ream were pretty tough last year. Going down to 4A is going to help us a lot. Not saying they’re not good teams because they are really good teams, but the size of the schools will really help us at a shot at the playoffs,” said quarterback, Reid Rials.

“It helps us more apples-to-apples, we were just kind of out numbered in some of the games. Our kids played hard, fought hard, we actually had some real good things that we would put a good drive together, we just couldn’t sustain it. I think it’ll help us tremendously mainly because that suits our number better,” said head coach Rials.

“I believe it’s going help us out a lot, and we have a much better chance of getting some wins,” said offensive tackle, Dylan Bell.

Satsuma began spring practice this fall and has set a goal to be a more conditioned team going into the pre season.

“Spring is pretty important; it gets you in shape for the upcoming season so that you can perform to your fullest and so it’s important for us to play to our best,” said Bell.

“It’s very excited for us as coaches because we’ve been doing our off season program and working out. So from a coaches side of it, we’re very excited to get the kids out there and get them practicing and get them reps and who has improved and who hasn’t,” said head coach Rials.

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