Hangout Fest food more than your average carnival variety

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) – The Hangout Music Festival has much more to offer than your average greasy carnival food favorites. There’s everything from bar-b-que, to fresh produce, to tacos, to fancy cheeses.

The festival-goers said it all makes for a better concert experience.

“I am pro that there is more variety and not having to eat only corndogs and fried dough… there is a cheese truck, and right next to it, you can buy snap peas in a pouch,” said George Mauer, a festival attendee.

“I didn’t want anything greasy,” said festival-goer Sam Brown, who bought a lean meat taco with cole slaw, “It’s too hot for all the grease, so a little bit of healthy, is still good.”

And, not only is the food great for Hangout customers, it’s also great for the people serving the food. Workers said they enjoy working for these venues, because they get to go to festivals all across the country.

“And what they do is move from festival to festival so it’ll be different kids each festival. So I’m meeting people from Mobile, Alabama, I’ve never met anyone from Mobile before. It’s just an awesome opportunity,” said Megan George, a server working in a taco tent at the Hangout Festival.

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