Police: 9 arrested, officer injured in Murphy HS fight

Video shot on a student’s cell phone shows what unraveled at Murphy High School Thursday, May 16. Students pushing and punching each other while teachers and administrators tried break it up.

“I saw boys fighting and the assistant principals running over there and stuff and then I saw a whole bunch of kids getting out of the car and fighting,” one student said who witnessed the fight.

Students said an announcement over the intercom called all male staff outside to help.

“They just told every male teacher and administrator (to go) outside. They had to get everyone, called all the male administrators to break it up,” said a sophomore at the high school.

The Mobile County Public School System said the school’s resource officer broke his wrist during the fight and nine students were arrested and taken to the Strickland Youth Center.

“There are kids all over the place. If it’s so dangerous they’re should be people making sure the kids are okay,” a parent said.

“They need police because assistant principals and principals can’t handle all the children but if police were up here then it would have been easy,” said the student who witnessed the fight.

The Mobile County Public School System said there’s one resource officer per school.

Police said some of the students involved in the fight were from Leflore High School. The LeFlore students are charged with trespassing and all students involved in the fight are charged with disorderly conduct.


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