Middle School Students Launch Boat

Mobile (WALA)- Friday the dry subject of mathematics got all wet at Langan park in Mobile as Scarborough middle school students launched a boat they built from the ground up.

Boat builder, Alex Watson, explained what it took. He said, “We had to work on symmetry, fractions, we had to divide, multiply.”

Another boat builder, Cameron McKinney said, “It felt good to learn. Learning math I didn’t know and I learned lots of things in this program.”

The program was sponsored by the 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile to give the kids some hands-on appreciation for a difficult task.

President Sydney raine told us, “Building a boat is fun to them but what they are doing is learning something at that time. That’s what’s exciting about us getting these young people engaged.”

Maiden voyage

It took a dozen kids about three months to build the boat The adults took the maiden voyage, but after that the students wanted to give me my own tour. The boat was perfectly seaworthy, but the students weren’t to sure how to pilot it. In the end, I offered a little help to get us back to shore, but that’s what this program is all about, teamwork and trying something new.

First mate Josiah Williams told us, “It was actually kind of scary but at the same time it was fun.”

And it was a life experience that I doubt these kids will ever forget.

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