Hangout Fest, a unique musical celebration

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) – There’s the sun, the sand, and thousands of happy people from all over the world. It all culminates into one big celebration of music.

Music-lovers said they’re excited to see some of the bigger names on the lineup, but they’re also here for the more unknown artists.

“That’s what’s great about festivals like this, you’ve got a bunch of up and coming artists, which is pretty cool because it’s not just a bunch of big main names,” said Dani Torres, a music enthusiast attending the Hangout Festival.

Festival-goers also enjoy the wide variety of musical artists the Hangout has to offer, featuring genres of rap, rock, electronic, alternative, and more.

“I think it brings a lot of cultures together, it’s a lot of different genres of music that come together, and it brings a lot of people that normally wouldn’t come together,” said festival-goer Trey Horton.

But, there’s more to the fest than just music. One of the things that makes the Hangout Music Festival a little unique from some other festivals is the presence of carnival rides.

All weekend long, festival-goers will have the opportunity to not only enjoy great music and a sunny beach atmosphere, but will also be able to check out some fun carnival rides.

Lines gathered at the Ferris Wheel Friday afternoon, May 16, for folks to take a sight-seeing break from the music.

Caroline Anderson, a festival-goer, said the Ferris Wheel gives her a great view of everything going on at the fest.

“You get to see the whole view of the whole campus, and how big it really is, and just kind of get a birds eye perspective of everything,” she said.

While some people might like a little more of a relaxing view of the Hangout Festival from the Ferris Wheel, others, might prefer a little more of a rush – many people were lined up for the MegaDrop ride.

“I think I saw my life flash before my eyes!” Said one MegaDrop rider.

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