Firenadoes blaze through Southern California

San Diego County (WALA) – Conditions in Southern California have been downright scary the last few days. The intense images have highlighted a new word for many… firenado.


Sometimes called a fire tornado, fire whirls, but whatever you call them they are intense, and they are a spectacular yet frightening example of what can happen during a wildfire.

Even firefighters stop in awe when a pillar of flame becomes a rapidly spinning vortex. TV cameras have caught several firenadoes doing their destructive dance in the Southern California wildfires of the last few days. The intense blazes that spawned these tornadoes of fire have destroyed numerous homes and charred 15 square miles. The firenadoes themselves highlight the intensity of the blazes and the difficulties firefighters face battling them.

Intensely Hot and Dangerous

Firenadoes are created by intense combustion. Core temperatures can reach up to two thousand degrees and winds can reach up to 100 mph and obviously they are extremely dangerous to firefighters out battling the blazes in Southern California.

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