Battle over Prichard water system continues

Prichard, Ala. (WALA) The battle over who will control the Prichard Water and Sewer System continues today.

In September voters across the state approved a takeover of the Prichard Water and Sewer System by Mobile Area Water and Sewer System.

However, the state supreme court later said it was a county issue and shouldn’t have been on a statewide ballot.

The issue is back up for a vote on June 3rd.

About a dozen protestors stood outside a Prichard water board breakfast Friday, May 16. Both sides couldn’t disagree more about what is best for the city of Prichard.

Over the years, the claim has remained the same.

“The problem is that the water and water rates are too high for the clientele that they serve,” Severia Campbell-Morris.

One woman tells us what she claims she pays for a family of three.

“Reporter: So you have a high water bill? Woman: Yes ma’am. Reporter: What does it average? Woman: $150-$160 every month”

On June 3rd you will have a chance to weigh in on the issue.

A “Yes” vote means you support MAWSS’ takingover Prichard’s water system.

A “No” vote means you want Prichard’s system to stand alone.

Ayanna Payton is a Prichard water board member.

“We have the right opinion. Reporter: Tell me why you think you have the right opinion? Payton: We have the right opinion because people have a mixed view about their water bills. Some say that their water bill is high but that is untrue. We have a fixed rate. Only way your water bill can be too high is if your resident has a water leak,” said Payton.

The protestors believe if MAWSS takes over, their rates would be more affordable. The Prichard Water and Sewer System says the opposite; Rates will likely go up if the takeover happens.

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