30 Teams In 30 Days: LeFlore Rattlers

Last year’s taste of the state playoffs is motivating LeFlore to go the distance in 2014. A season ago, the Rattlers advanced to round one after Vigor was forced to forfeit wins and their playoff bid. Leflore fell to Jackson in round one, 50 to 20, but that loss has the Rattlers wanting more.

“I’m very excited because this is my last year and I think we have chance to do better than we did last year, which everybody working hard, we’re dedicated, more disciplined, so I’m very excited for my team,” said quarterback, James Leatherwood.

“I’m very excited, I’m ready. It’s my last year, going to have my defense step up and come down here, make plays, take it to the house,” said linebacker, Dequntrea Ray.

“Each year we strive to make the playoffs. We feel good about it, we think that with the players we have returning and our coaching staff, we have a good shot of getting there,” said head coach, Anthony Shamburger. “I think they all had one come and go. They want to make the playoffs and they want to win a state title. I think making the playoffs this past year was a step in the right direction with where we want to take the program and I think they’ll be ready to fulfill that.”

“The playoffs felt so good last year that a lot of guy wanted to go so bad that when coach came back and told us we were going to the playoffs, we worked hard. I have never seen those guys work so hard. Then this year, everybody is just ready to get to the second round because the first round felt so good and they want to get further and further because the first round felt so good,” said Leatherwood

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