Google Glass Goes Mainstream

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – If you see more glassy-eyed people around you soon – they may not be impaired. Google has resumed sales of its Internet-connected eyewear, “Google Glass.”

The latest release of the device comes a month after a one-day sale gave U.S. residents their first chance to buy the fashion-forward – for geeks, anyway – accessory. Google says the device is still in its “Explorer” – or test – phase. But it isn’t setting a time limit for people to plunk down the $1,500 needed to buy it.

The item is only available on Google’s Web site for now. For those who haven’t been following closely, Google Glass looks like a pair of spectacles, except there’s no glass in the frame.

Instead it has a tiny screen that sits about the right eye so users can check email, see Twitter posts or get directions without having to handle a smartphone.

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