FEMA Center opens for flood victims in Mobile

The Mobile FEMA Disaster Recovery Center is now officially open to help flood victims in Mobile County.

The office is located on Museum Drive in Mobile.

It opened at 8:00 Thursday morning, and the center was already doing business in the first half hour.


Erica Floyd was one of about a half dozen people who came to the FEMA office in the first thirty minutes it was open.

Floyd said her apartment on Zeigler Boulevard flooded.

She said, “I had a lot of water, messed up my pictures, floors, walls, stuff like that.”

Floyd said she had already called FEMA and has been waiting for a representative to look at her apartment, but, she said, “I saw this on the news. I was just coming to see if I could get some kind of relief, some kind of help.”


Another person we talked to didn’t want to appear on camera, but said a storage unit where she had all of her belongings flooded.

She said, “The ceiling fell through. All the insulation, and it flooded, and everything mildewed, and had a lot of mold on it: all my children’s items, all their birth records, everything, all pictures, everything.”

The Disaster Recovery Center is operated by FEMA and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency.


A representative of the Small Business Administration, or SBA, was also hand Thursday morning and said his agency has already approved more than 16 loans for more than half a million dollars for Alabama residents with storm related damages not covered by insurance.

Tom Nocera, SBA Disaster Assistance Office, said, “The first of the loans were approved in our local area here. Baldwin County had three of the first loans approved actually.”

And, federal officials said there are no long waits involved.

Nocera said, “The next step after registering is that, usually, there’s going to be someone from FEMA make an appointment to come out and verify damage. The damage verification process is the second step, and the third step is to check at the bank to see if money has come in.”

The FEMA office will be open 8am to 6pm.

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