Residents flooded 3 times in last year

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) – An Eastern Shore family is tired of seeing their home turn into a drainage ditch every time severe thunderstorms hit the area.

In the record-breaking April 29 storms that hit the Gulf Coast, the Barnette family of Fairhope saw about a foot of water drench their entire home.

But that hasn’t been the only time, in the last 20 years of living at their Fairhope home off Cedar Avenue, the Barnette’s say their home has flooded some 11 times, but just in the last year, the home has flooded three times.

“We flooded in July, we flooded April 15, and we flooded April 29, and each time it gets worse,” said resident Jackie Barnette, who’s hoping for some sort of relief from FEMA or the City of Fairhope.

Barnette says she’s fed up with seeing her home in constant disarray.

She says every time a thunderstorm hits the Eastern Shore, like the showers we saw Wednesday, May 14, her whole family is concerned the home will flood again.

“Our son was in Auburn, working, and he called us. ‘Mom? What’s it like? You’re not flooding are you?’ ‘No, not right now,'” she recalled of their phone conversation Wednesday afternoon.

The Barnette family said they weren’t the only family that had flooding in the April 29 rainstorms; homes behind them also flooded out.

“And it’s also not affecting us, it’s affecting the neighbors all behind us. They lost their automobile,” said Barnette.

Wednesday afternoon, a FEMA representative was touring the home to write up a claim for the family.

While they’re hoping for relief, they’re really hoping to be able to move, something that seems impossible.

“We can’t sell this house, we’re stuck,” said Barnette.

With a laugh she told FOX10, “I mean who’s going to buy my house? It’s flooded 11 times, nobody would buy this.”

FOX10 asked a FEMA public relations representative if it would be possible for FEMA to actually buy the house if it is deemed to be in a flood zone.

He said that is sometimes an option, but he’s not sure if it will be a possibility for this particular family.

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