Resident: Water up to my tires

Rushing water covered part of James Hughes’ driveway in Baldwin County Wednesday, May 14 after heavy rainfall.

He said out on the road, it was a scary situation trying to drive around.

“Water (was) everywhere. I was scared to death I thought it was going to be another day like it was two weeks ago. I didn’t know if I could get home or not. I had to go roads I was unfamiliar with but I went around it. Took me about an hour to get home but I’m alright,” Hughes said.

Once he made it home, Hughes had to park near the street and walk to his house because the water was too high to drive through.

“The water was up to my tires. I was scared to drive through there so I parked and waded through it now I’m waiting for the water to go down,” Hughes said.

The front yard looked like a river with at least two feet of water and it wasn’t much different next door.

Vickie Shamblin said a weeks ago flood waters washed away her trash can and she usually get debris in her front yard when there’s a lot of rain.

Tires, trash, trees, branches and that’s about it just a lot of trash,” Shamblin said.

Shamblin said she’s gotten stuck in her dirt driveway a couple of times but other than that she hasn’t had too much trouble.

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