Two Neigborhoods caught in the middle of City Council rift

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The fight over city council appointments has spread to two neighborhoods. One in west Mobile and one near downtown. Like the representatives for their districts the people have different views about the controversy.

“I’m standing behind him all the way,” one woman said.

Some people in District two support the stand their representative Levon Manzie, and others took at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Manzie, Fred Richardson, and C.J. Small abstained on three agenda items in protest of the vote last week when four council members rejected Richardson’s nomination of former mayor Sam Jones to the Water Board.

Current Mayor Sandy Stimpson held a news conference in the MLK neighbor after walking out of the council meeting Tuesday. He said the city should be focused on removing blight in areas like the neighborhood around Lincoln street.

But, Paul Bracey who lives off MLK agrees with the Manzie, and the council members who abstained.

“I think they did the right thing,” Bracey said.

Across town in the Williamsburg subdivision people have a different view about what happened.

Kari Johnson said her community has worked for two years to get decorative sign posts at the entrance to the subdivision. They even raised 800 dollars themselves. But their project failed along with two board appointments.

“It’s not fair that we have to suffer, one has a neighborhood, two as families in the neighborhood who are part of the city of Mobile. This is not our fight, and we shouldn’t be caught in the middle of it,” Johnson said.

And longtime residents Suzie and Buddy Hargrove agree.

“When I saw it was denied I was shocked. I thought you must be kidding. This is her discretionary funs to use as her constituents need. And that’s all she was trying to do was help us,” Hargrove said.

But the people in both districts agree on one thing.

“they need to work together,” Bracey said.

That’s what the people we talked with in the two communities are hoping. They have different views on the controversy, but they still want the council members to work together.

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