Microsoft Slashing XBox One Price

Microsoft has slashed the price of its X-box One and will now offer the console without the Kinect motion control system. Starting June 9th, the company will sell the X-box One for $399. That’s a $100 price cut from the bundled version with Kinect. They’ve also announced plans to remove the 60 dollar Live Gold subscription. That gave users access to streaming apps like Netflix and Youtube. Microsoft says the changes come after customer feedback that the X-box One was too expensive. This move also puts the company in direct competition with rival Sony’s Playstation Four.

LG is launching it’s new smart watch later this year, and the company just released the teaser video. It’s called the G Watch. It’s waterproof, scratch resistant, and powered by the Android Wear operating system. It will be able to get notifications and other information from smart phones running the Android operating system. LG hasn’t announced a price, but is marketing the watch as quote “ready for anything with a single charge”.

And, a cool new iPhone app lets you make striking animations just for Instagram. It’s called Sketchvid. The app lets you draw or trace over a picture. If you’re really good, you can sketch freehand. It records your strokes as you’re drawing and turns them into a 15-second video. No matter how complex your drawing is, it’s rendered to fit within Instagram’s 15-second time limit. Sketchvid is free and you can get it in the Apple app store.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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