Twitter’s New Mute Button

Twitter is letting you filter your friends. Actually, today is the day to “mute” your friends. You know, when you don’t care about what they tweet about! Twitter is introducing the mute button today that allows users to silence their friends without unfollowing them. Even better, your friends won’t know they’ve been muted, and it’s reversible at any time. Muting is available from the “more” link on any individual tweet, and you can also mute someone from the gear icon of their Twitter profile page.

The Wall Street Journal says that the head of the Federal Communications Commission is revising proposed rules for regulating broadband internet,  so web traffic isn’t split into fast and slow lanes. However, the plan reportedly still allows for what’s called “paid prioritization”, which means broadband companies can strike deals with content providers who can then pay for faster delivery.

And, AT&T is in active talks to buy satellite TV provider DirecTV, and according to the Wall Street Journal, may complete a deal worth 50 billion dollars in 2 weeks. This as Telecom, cable, and satellite companies are trying to compete against Comcast as it works to buy Time Warner Cable. If that deal falls through and this deal pans out, AT&T and DirecTV would  be the biggest TV provider in the nation with 26 million customers.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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