Mayor Stimpson walks out of city council meeting

What started the fireworks at the Mobile City Council meeting Tuesday that resulted in Mayor Sandy Stimpson walking out?

First, there were two appointments to city boards by Council Member John Williams, and a proposal to buy and install decorative street sign posts by Council President Gina Gregory that failed after Council Members Fred Richardson, Levon Manzie, and C.J. Small abstained from voting.

Shortly afterwards, Mayor Stimpson and members of his staff quickly left the council chambers.


After the meeting, Council Member Fred Richardson said he would not speak for other council members, but he questioned why his appointment of Former Mayor Sam Jones to the Sewage Water and Board was not approved by Williams, Gregory, and Council Members Joel Daves and Bess Rich last week.

Richardson said, “Four people (were) going against my nomination last week. Nobody stood up and said (anything) about collusion, nothing. But, Fred Richardson abstained, the whole city is coming apart. One Mobile. Everybody has to be treated the same. One Mobile. If we always do what we always did, we’ll always get what we always got. If I sit here and do absolutely nothing, I can expect my ditches not to be closed, my street not to be re-surfaced: let’s not even re-surface Fred’s street. Fred is just going to sit up there and say, ‘He’s so nice.’ No. The day has come and gone.”


Shortly after the council meeting, Mayor Stimpson made a You Tube video.

“Just a few minutes ago I walked out of today’s Mobile City Council meeting. I did so after the council failed to approve a basic agenda item designed to help citizens in the Williamsburg subdivision. I won’t allow petty politics to keep Mobile from becoming the safest, most business and family friendly city in America.”

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