Legal Advice on Household Dangers

The family home should be a safe place. However, there are many household dangers you need to be aware of. David Greene from Greene and Phillips Law Firm joined us on Studio10 with some potentially life-saving information.

Below is a look at some of the questions and answers discussed on Studio10.

A big household danger is swimming pools. Since we are getting into warmer weather, what are some precautions owners of swimming pools should take?

Swimming pools can be extremely dangerous. Most of know someone who was injured or died in a swimming pool accident. That’s why you should take pool safety seriously.

1. Make sure you have a fence around the swimming pool to keep people and kids out unless there is someone present watching.
2. If you have a door from your house out to the swimming pool, put some kind of alarm on it, so you are alerted if your child goes out into the swimming pool area.
3. Be careful who you allow to use your pool and when. Injuries in the pool can be significant, and many times, you the property owner is ultimately responsible for creating a safe environment for your visitors.

Another safety concern is stairways and railings. Why should homeowners be concerned about these?

People assume railings are secure and steps and flooring will hold them. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have someone at your place, and they put their weight on a railing that is not secure. They could be seriously hurt.

What about pets. What precautions should pet-owners take to make sure visitors are safe?

Big thing is, if you know your pet is aggressive, take extra caution that it does not have the opportunity to hurt a visitor. If it’s in a fence, make sure the fence is secure. If it is tied up, make sure the animal cannot free itself. Property owner are ultimately responsible for injuries caused by aggressive animals on their property. It’s important to properly train your animal for protection, but not aggression toward innocent visitors.

What about holes in the yard and other unseen dangers?

Those, too, can be very dangerous. Sometimes you may have a hole in the yard that has grass growing, making it look like it’s level. Someone can seriously hurt themselves by stepping wrong in that hole. You have a duty, as a property owner, to provide proper warning of dangers on your property.

On the flip-side if you are injured on someone else’s property from a pool accident, dog bite, or loose railing, what are your options?

Contact a personal injury lawyer. There may be some instances that the property insurance may cover the cost of your injuries. Each property claim is different, and it can be very complex so getting advice from a lawyer is really important. We offer a free consultation.

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