Fugitive Files suspect arrested after months on the run

MOBILE, Ala. – A suspect who was featured on Fox Ten News Fugitive Files in March, and who police have been looking for since October 2013 is finally behind bars

“I was too scared to look out my window,” one woman said.

Janice Bartholomew heard gunshots outside her apartment around 10:30 Monday night. Police said they were called about shots at two adjacent complexes on Brill Road.

“In reference to several apartments being shot into, and also a vehicle being shot into,” Terence Perkins said.

It wasn’t just shooting between the two apartment complexes. According to the neighbors we talked with it was a shootout involving more than one person, and it put a lot of people in danger.

“It went through my door, through my wall, and into my kitchen wall,” a woman said.

A woman who didn’t want to go on camera showed Fox Ten News the hole left by a bullet that came through her front door. A man said a bullet went through a window at the other complex.

“It was like ongoing shooting. It was towards each other, like from over there to over here,” a woman said.

Police said a witness told them a suspect ran into one of the apartments. That’s where they found Darius Lacy. But Lacy didn’t end up getting charged with the shooting.

“The investigation is still ongoing about the shooting, because we have no proof that,,,we didn’t recover a weapon or anything from the apartment,” Perkins said.

It turns out police had been looking for Lacy since October of last year. He was wanted for robbery, and he was also on probation for an assault stemming from a case in 2011.

Lacy was in Metro Jail Tuesday and he’ll probably stay there for a while. Police said they don’t know if he was involved in the shootout, but they’re still investigating. If you have any information about that case, give them a call.

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