DEA: Spice trafficking a national security issue

A Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson tells FOX10 News terrorist groups in the middle east view the synthetic drug abuse in the U.S as profit potential and they may be tapping into the huge money stream.

“Terriosit regimes have looked to drug traffickers for revenue. When a small smoke shop in Alabama is sending 30 to 40 million dollars over a course of time through wire transfers to Yemen that’s great cause for alarm,” said DEA Spokesperson Rusty Payne.

Payne says Alabama has had more statewide spice activity than any other state in the country.

“These companies in Alabama and nationwide have raised millions and millions of dollars and many of those proceeds have been wired or sent back to middle eastern counties. And that is a concern to us because we know traditionally that through much of the work that the dea has conducted overseas and here in the United States we’ve uncovered many many different cases where drug trafficking dollars have fueled terrorist activites,” said Payne.

The DEA says drug trafficking is a national security issue as much as a public health problem.

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