New on the Studio10 Set

You may have noticed a new look to the Studio 10 set. Sarah Locklier from Barrow Fine Furniture added some new pieces to freshen things up a bit. 

Sarah stopped by Studio 10 to talk about how we chose the new furniture and accessories. The goal was to brighten up the set and give it a more contemporary look. The new sofa and chairs are sleek with clean lines, a slim armrest and nailhead trim, giving them a modern feel.

We wanted to go with the light gray color instead of a pattern to make it less busy.

We also wanted to bring in pops of color with accessories. Our main accent color is a warm brick tone. Sarah used an accent pillow for inspiration and used that same warm tone in artwork, the rug and other accessories like bowls and vases. Incorporating one color into several accessories really helps tie the set together.

You’ll also see some new tables on our set. The coffee tables and side tables are round with a circular base. Sarah wanted something sleek, not bulky. The tables are wood with metal accents, which correspond with the metal nailhead trim on the sofa and chairs.

To see the new furniture and learn more about it, watch this video. We’ll be adding more new pieces and accessories to the Studio 10 set very soon, so stay tuned!

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