Officer draws gun on students during senior prank

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – New video of a Mobile Police officer drawing his gun on some Baker High School students is getting reaction.

Some high school seniors are speaking out about their encounter with a Mobile Police officer after Sunday night’s senior prank. The officer was caught on tape approaching a car full of students with his gun drawn, pointing it at the car.

Students were shocked and surprised. What they thought would be a prank in good humor, turned into something much more serious.

It happens at the end of every school year, high school seniors leaving their memorable mark on campus before graduation: a senior prank. For seniors at Baker High School in Mobile, Sunday night’s well-planned prank came to an abrupt halt.

“Everyone was saying “cops, cops,” said one student.

“Whenever we were leaving, about two cop cars pulled up and immediately, one of the officers drew their gun on us. He told us to stop. We slowed down. We gave him the keys. We didn’t try to run from him or anything,” said another student who was involved.

“We got stopped. Once we got stopped because the cops pulled out in front of us, we slowed down…the cop pulled out the gun and started yelling give me your keys. Then he walked towards the back. He made us all get out,” said a student.

According to students, at that time, the officer asked for their personal information.

“It all happened so fast, I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t think we did anything wrong to make him pull his gun on us. We were all pretty scared though. It was right in our face,” said a student.

Sunday night’s prank consisted of trees being rolled, sidewalk chalk, and yes…even two donkeys and a goat on campus.

“We were all there first thing in the morning to clean it all up,” said a student.

“He didn’t really have a right to pull a gun out and point it at the driver’s head. By any means. We’re on good terms with Mr. Richardson and respect for the school. Mr. Richardson said it was the best prank he’s seen since he’s been at Baker,” said another student.

Mr. Clem Richardson is the school’s principal. FOX10 News reached out to the Mobile County Public School System for comment but did not get one today.

Monday afternoon, FOX10 News took video of the incident to Mobile Police Chief James Barber. He was unaware of the incident that was until FOX10 News brought it to his attention. Now, an internal investigation has been launched to find out if the officer was out of line.

FOX10 News will continue to follow this story for you and bring you and updates as we receive them.

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