“I Love MoBI” Campaign to Promote Mobile

The “I Love MoBI” campaign is a mission to unite all of Mobile with one symbol. The “I Love MoBI” campaign is intended to bring recognition to the city of Mobile and enhance pride among the citizens of our great city. 

The “I Love MoBI” symbol is similar to “I Love (heart) NY” but unique to Mobile, Alabama for two reasons. First, the fleur-de-lis is recognized by the residents of Mobile and considered to be a tribute to our French heritage.
Second, the name MoBI provides an up-to-date nickname for our city.

It is common in conversation for residents of our city to refer to Mobile as “MoBee”. As a result, the “I Love MoBI” symbol incorporates the pronunciation of the “long” O into the design. The residents of Mobile have evaluated this “I Love MoBI” symbol and the image continues to receive significant praise and support.

In addition to the efforts to unite the city of Mobile with one symbol, a Facebook page www.facebook.com/ilovemobileAL has been created to provide residents of Mobile the opportunity to share their “MoBI experience” with friends, family, and other residents. The Facebook page is an interactive resource providing MoBI supporters the chance to display their pride and appreciation for Mobile. The community support for “I Love MoBI” is clearly evident on the Facebook page and continues to gain ‘like’ and ‘share’ status recognition. In addition to various “MoBI experiences” posted by supporters, pictures are periodically added to the Facebook page by the manager, several times a day. These pictures are intended to highlight the wonderful attractions around Mobile as well as promote local businesses, points-of-interest, and community awareness for upcoming events around the city of Mobile. Taken together, the www.facebook.com/ilovemobileAL page is a dynamic social media resource intended to promote our city and provide the citizens of Mobile an opportunity to share their experiences around town.

Finally, the website www.ilovemobileAL.com has been developed to provide the citizens of Mobile an opportunity to own MoBI merchandise and show support for our beloved city. The www.ilovemobileAL.com website is unique and unlike a conventional merchandise website because “I Love MoBI” supporters determine future MoBI products through surveys posted on the Facebook page.

If you’d like to learn more about the “I Love MoBI” campaign you can contact Chris Hickey at chickey@ilovemobileAL.com or visit the aforementioned Facebook page and website.

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