30 Teams In 30 Days: Daphne Trojans

In the last 16 years, Daphne football has advanced to the playoffs in every one. With a combined 164 and 43 record, the Trojans have two state titles under their belt, the last one in 2010. However, since that 15-0 state championship run, Daphne has not gotten past the second round.

“You’re looking to build on something, everything you learn, everything you use to educate somebody,” said Daphne head coach, Glenn Vickery, “We got beat early and here’s why we got beat so let’s change some of those things, offensively, defensively, the attitude. I think you learn from the good and you learn from the bad and I think this group of senior is hungry at this point and they’ve got to carry that hunger several more months and I always tell them, you come back during the summer, June 2nd if you want to play in the state championship game in Auburn, you’ve got six months.”

“It’s going to be real motivating because it’s not tradition that Daphne loses in the first round, so us losing in the first round makes us want to go farther,” said Daphne running back, TJ Reed.

The Trojans started spring practice and redeem themselves in 2014.

“We’re just ready to get out of the weight room and get out of other things and go find some football players and continue to build the chemistry and the character of this team, and I think putting on the pads is one way to help find that. Who wants to be a part? Does somebody want to put their nose where it don’t wanna go, and that’s what you do in spring football and you find the kids who want to be real football players,” said Vickery.

‘It’s really exciting and I’ve put in a lot of hard work so I’m just ready for the season,” said Daphne linebacker, Luke Broadus.

After the state’s reclassification, the Trojans will bump up to 6A with Spanish Fort and Saraland.

“6A it’s always been a tough region, everybody. We see people’s best game, they like playing Daphne, they like beating Daphne, so we understand that and our kid have to understand that and that’s the part that as coaches, we need to transfer to them. People want to beat Daphne so we have to go out and play. That’s what you should do regardless of who you’re playing. It’s tough, it’s been tough for a long time, this season is no different. There’s a bunch of good teams on our schedule, it makes it fun, you go out and prepare every week to be good at what you do,” said Vickery.

“If you want to be the best, you have to play the best, so that schedule, it’s good but I feel like we can play them,” said Reed.

“Every team we play, we take them seriously, we definitely do play a lot of hard teams like the Foley’s but we just try to go out there confident,” said Broadus.

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