Friday/Saturday rainfall: sewage overflows reported in Mobile and Prichard


When it rains, sewage pours.  Into local streams and creeks, that is.  Health advisories have been issued after untreated sewage overflows were reported in Prichard after last Friday and early Saturday morning’s heavy rainfall.

MAWSS and the City of Prichard Water and Sewer System issued their reports on sewage overflows this weekend.  In total, the Mobile Area Water and Sewage System reported 284,000 gallons of sanitary sewer overflows as a result of the rainfall.

According to a press release from the Mobile County Health Department, Prichard’s Water and Sewer System reported approximately 46,500 gallons of untreated sewage that overflowed at several locations in the city.  “The ultimate destination of the discharge was Gum Tree Branch due to heavy rain,” according to the news release issued Sunday.

In its press release, The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System said it “experienced multiple sanitary sewer overflows as a result of today’s rain.”  Its numbers were sent out Saturday.  All total, 284,00 gallons was reported.

In specific city locations, the biggest numbers recorded by MAWSS were located on two streets. MAWSS reported 55,000 gallons of sanitary sewer overflow occurred on Johnston Avenue along with 33,000 on Westwood Street.

Sunday, after the Prichard sewage numbers were released by the Mobile County Health Department, Health Officer Dr. Bernard Eichold advised area residents to take precautions when coming into contact with standing water as a result of sewage overflows.

“Dr. Eichold also advises area residents to take precautions if using Gum Tree Branch for recreational purposes,” said the MCHD press release.  “All seafood harvested in the affected area should be thoroughly cooked before consumption.  Individuals should wash their hands after cleaning any fish or other seafood and also before preparing food.”




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