Victim: Flood water stopping FEMA aid

Nearly two weeks after severe thunderstorms and record rains devastated parts of the Gulf Coast, one family is still having to deal with a flooded yard, and it’s causing more issues than one.

The Poynter family, living just next door to The Beach Club on Fort Morgan Road, has had more than a foot of standing water in their front yard since the storms April 29, 2013.

Sunday, May 11, the Poynters told FOX10 they’re sick of it.

Last week, we first told you their story on FOX10 News, but since then, the Poynters still haven’t gotten any answers as to how to fix the drainage issues in their neighborhood along Fort Morgan Road.

“I just want it cleaned up. I have a 13-year-old granddaughter I have to worry about every single day,” said Deborah Poynter, “She comes home from school by herself, and I have to worry about her walking across the water, not knowing if she makes it home safe, so it’s very frustrating.”

The family said they’ve even seen multiple alligators and poisonous snakes in the standing water.

The Poynters told FOX10 because there’s still so much water standing, the insurance adjusters are unable to go ahead and quote a claim. The Poynters said they ran in to the same issue after applying for FEMA aid.

“We did apply for FEMA, the guy did come out, I believe it was either Monday or Tuesday, he was kind of in the same boat as the insurance guy,” said Deborah, “He said there was not a whole lot he could do because there was no way of walking around the house.”

FOX10 reached out to Baldwin County Commissioner Charles Gruber about the issue.

He said he will be in contact with the family, and will look into ways to fix the drainage issues.

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