Wow! Teen basketball player stands more than 7 feet tall

Tavares, Fla. (CNN/WTSP) – In the little Lake County town of Tavares, in Florida, resides the tallest high school basketball player in the country.

Elhadji Tacko Fall, 16, is anything but a uniform student at Liberty Christian Preparatory School.

The 7’5″ junior strolls the halls a yard above his fellow schoolmates. The iPad he totes from classroom to classroom looks like an iPhone in his nearly foot-long hands.

Affectionately known at school as “Taco,” his fellow students have to look up to smile hello, while looking out for his size 22 shoe.

At more than seven feet tall, he’s four inches taller than Shaquille O’Neal.

A native of Senegal, Fall came to the United States in 2012 to learn the game of basketball.

“I haven’t been playing basketball that long,” said Fall. “When I first got here it was very fast, now it is just a game.”

A game he’s looking to excel at, like he does in the classroom. While the school doesn’t have a desk big enough to fit “Taco,” he’s managed just fine, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.

“I could do better if I really applied myself,” said Fall. “The academics are much more difficult in Senegal.”

But difficulty is a situation Fall is familiar with during his time in his native country. His goal is a familiar one in the U.S.

“I hopefully will be able to make it one day playing basketball and earn enough money to take care of my mother and brother to have a stable environment,” said Fall.

Fall is still trying to stabilize his own situation on the court, just a year-and-a-half into learning the game.

“I’m much better than where I started and I’m hearing from a lot of division one colleges,” said Fall.

While the goal is to join the ranks of Yao Ming and Manute Bol as seven foot immigrants to capture NBA glory, “Taco” admits he’d be perfectly happy as a biochemist.

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