Styx River Canoe and Tube Open Despite Issues

Styx River, Baldwin County (WALA)- Last week’s heavy rains had a big impact on one local business. Styx River Canoe and Tube saw their parking lot turn into raging river. When the waters receded a big mess was left behind for the Waldrop family and their river business. They are back open but the cleanup will continue.

Buried in Sand

“This all used to be grass,” Jonathan Waldrop said as he pointed across the parking lot of their business.

But now what used to be the parking lot of Styx River canoe and tube is buried in sand. For Jonathan Waldrop it’s been a week of hard work trying to get the business dug out.

“All the debris that came down the river is stuck in the trees we have to clean that up, and then the sand, we’ve got to deal with the sand. We’ve got to pull it off so people can drive through it,” Waldrop said.

Raging Currents

Waldrop grew up along the river in the family business. He says only hurricane Danny took it higher.

“Where the parking lot is it was like just one big river, looked like the Mississippi river with a big, swift current. Everything in its path was gone,” Waldrop told us.

The business is open but when it gets busy on the weekends Waldrop said they’ll have to help people find parking.

“We’ll have someone to tell them where to park, where it’s a good place to park and where’s not a good place to park, unless they got four-wheel drive,” Waldrop told us.

Issues Moving Forward

The Waldrop family is not too worried about this weekend’s rain because the water level in the Styx has dropped way back. When you come out, watch where you park and bring some bug spray. The flooding has brought out countless mosquitoes.

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