New MEMI Smart Bracelet

A new iPhone app is helping people with hearing loss. It’s called Mimi, and it allows users to test their hearing using their existing earbuds. Users could potentially walk around with the app on, and their iPhone would continuously enhance their hearing. If your hearing is fine, the app can simulate hearing loss so you get some sense of what your friends or family might be going through. Get the Mimi app in the Apple app store.

From Mimi, to MEMI: check out this iPhone-compatible smart bracelet. Most women keep their phone in their purse, so the MEMI bracelet is designed to discreetly vibrate when you receive important phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts. It’s charged through a USB port hidden within the clasp. It communicates with an app on your phone, where you control who breaks through to your bracelet. It will eventually retail for around $200, but it’s available for $150 on pre-order now at

And, a new video-sharing app has hit the Apple app store. It’s called Mela. Like other video-sharing apps you can record and share short videos, then add a hashtag. What makes Mela unique is that when other users upload videos under the same hashtag, those videos are stitched together to become a longer, seamless video that other Mela users can view. Mela is a free download, and you can get it in iTunes.

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