School bus overturned, student injured

(WALA) Citronelle, Ala.

Officials said a school bus carrying Citronelle Middle and High School students overturned on Boothtown Road on its way home from school Friday.

School officials say 11 were on the bus including the bus driver. One student suffered minor injuries and was taken away in an ambulance.

Skyla Lane was on the bus when she says it started swerving on the dirt road.

“I guess she just started sliding and when she did it just hit a ditch and flipped and all you could see were trees in front of the bus and it was really dramatic,” she said

Skyla says a student sitting in font of her grabbed her arm and kept her safe.

“If he wouldn’t have grabbed my arm I would have busted my head open and I wouldn’t have been okay,” she said.

Students were picked up by parents like Fraknie Lane who had tears in his eyes when he saw his daughter.

“We got a phone call that said the bus had a wreck and I’ve been on the road the last ten minuets hunting it. They finally called and said everyone was okay but I still wanted to see her put my eyes on her,” he said while hugging his daughter.

Frankie said the bus travels down Boothtown Road every school day but it’s the first time Skyla says she’s felt that scared.

Lane says the bus driver checked on all the students and the they were able to crawl out the back of the bus.

The Mobile County Public School School System is investigating the accident along with law enforcement.





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