Fort Morgan braces for more rain

FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WALA) – Roger Holcomb is just getting used to being back at home. He and his family weren’t able to return to their Fort Morgan house until yesterday.

“The bottom part was about 12 inches under water for several days. It’s finally drained enough that we can come down and start cleaning up underneath,” Holcomb said.

Holcomb has fans going now, but with soggy sands in front and standing water still in the back, he’s nervous about the weekend.

“They’re talking about flash flood warnings and we’re trying to get it straightened up. We may be right back where we were last weekend cause the soil’s not going to, the sand is not going to hold any more water. I know that,” Holcomb said.

But until they know how much rain they will actually have to contend with, Holcomb and his family are working to get most of their belongings dried out as quickly as possible.

“We’re moving everything up as high as we can and trying to get it drained as best we can underneath and get some bleach and other stuff to hold the mold down from being so bad underneath in our storage areas,” Holcomb said.

They hope they won’t be doing this again next week.

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