Fish River residents prep for more rain

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – People who live along Fish River in Baldwin County have been keeping their eyes on the skies all day.

And, some started making preparations early for possible severe weather.


Cindy Erickson was taking her dog “Skeeter” for a walk Friday morning near her home along Fish River.

She said she’s been paying special attention to the weather forecast after last week’s floods.

Erickson said, “We lost both cars and both boats, and, I just bought a new vehicle yesterday, and its going to be staying tonight at the church up the hill here.”

She said her house is on pilings, but the water got within two feet of getting inside.

Erickson said, “We’ve become “minimalists” because, the less stuff you have, the less can get ruined, so, we don’t have a whole lot left to get ruined, because it all got ruined last time.”


Emergency officials said Erickson moving her car was a good idea, and people need to make preparations for possible rising water, especially after last weeks flooding.

Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency Director Mitchell Sims said, “All of the stuff they own that was salvageable may be out in the yard or under a garage. All of that could be a factor, with just a little bit of flooding.”

Jim Belongia came to Fish River to do some fishing Friday morning.

He lives in the Florida Panhandle, and said his car was damaged last week after it sank in the soft part of a parking lot because of high water.

When asked if he just hopes the water doesn’t get that high this time, Belongia said, “That’s right. No, its not going to get that high this time. I hope.”


Kimberly Wilson hopes not, either.

She’s the Captain of Fish River/Marlow Fire & Rescue, and had to rescue people trapped in their homes last week.

Wilson said, “We actually rescued my parents at 4am. Their house has never flooded except for (Hurricane) Danny, but, it was nothing like this, and, so, we actually went and pulled them out.”

When asked what it was like rescuing her own parents, Wilson said, “It made me proud, for one, but, it was heartbreaking. But, it meant a lot to me to actually be able to get them out.”

Everyone along Fish River hopes, this weekend, the results won’t be as costly.

Baldwin county Emergency Management Agency Director Mitchell Sims said crews will also be watching to see if the rains expose more problem areas along roads.

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