30 Teams In 30 Days: St. Luke’s Wildcats

St. Luke’s football first fielded a team in 2010 and since then has been the definition of success. In the past two season the Wildcats have a combined 17 and 7 record, with back-to-back playoffs runs. Head coach, John Beverly is ready to take it a step further and it that begins in the offseason.

“You know spring is always exciting, it’s an opportunity to get your kids back from workouts and see how well they’ve adapted to what we’re doing in the off season and see if they can do it on the field. So spring is an exciting time, you get to bring your new kids in to find out how they’re adjusting, whether or not they’re picking up on things we’ve gone over during the offseason. Play books and all of that kind of stuff – so we’re very excited,” said Beverly.

“I’m excited, I’m just ready to get back with my team, most of us have been together since we were in the 7th grade so it’s the last season with everybody,” said senior defensive end Darrian McMillan.

“It’s very exciting, it means you’re doing something good, it means your community is involved and really enjoying what you’re doing, it means your school is really enjoying what you’re doing. We’ve had a great amount of participation here the last couple of years, which can’t do anything but get better for us. We look forward to that, it’s a very, very exciting time when they throw the helmets on, the pads on and get out there and bang a little bit,” said Beverly.

After the state reclassification, St. Luke’s will enter the 2014 season as an underdog in the Class 2A.

“You know, football is a fun game, it’s definitely a team game and one thing I’ve enjoyed is the opportunity to coach with some great coaches but also coach against some great athletes and great coaches as well, and that’s what we’re looking forward to the most this season – is going out and competing against some great teams and some great coaches, so we’re definitely looking forward to the challenge but we’re also having expectations that we want to go out and compete in 2A, as well,” said Beverly.

“I think it’s an advantage because they don’t know who we are and they aren’t expecting much but we’re expecting a lot this year,” said McMillan.

“It’s going to be hard adjusting because each week is going to be battle against these new teams, but it’ll be an advantage for us because they’ve never played us, so it’s going to be fun, I’m looking forward to it,” senior tight end, Tanner Chastain added.

“We are the new kids on the block, I do think there is some expectancy for us to go out there and compete, beyond that I don’t know where the other 2A teams are expecting us to go but we’re expecting to go out and compete against those other 2A guys and higher guys that are in 2A region 1, which is probably the second hardest region in the state of Alabama in my opinion,” said Beverly.

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