Storm repairs and recovery continue in Mobile

The City of Mobile is still recovering and repairing damaged infrastructure from last week’s heavy rain and massive floods.

Throughout the city, cleanups have been going on, roads are being repaired, and city personnel are insuring the upcoming weekend storms are handled properly.

On I-10 Eastbound, a portion of an embankment near Broad Street in Mobile was washed away, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation. Engineer Don Powell told FOX10 News on Thursday the area is covered with a tarp so the weekend rain does not directly impact the already washed out area. Engineers have already been on scene to evaluate.

Spokespeople for the City of Mobile tell FOX10 news many of you called and alerted them last week when the severe weather hit. Thanks to your calls, they say workers are now doing what it takes to fix your streets and drains.

FOX10 News received a statement from City Communications Director George Talbot:

“The City of Mobile received about 400 complaints via its 311 system as a result of last week’s storms and flooding. We’re continuing to prioritize and work through that list as quickly as possible. We’re watching the forecasts closely and giving top priorities to areas most vulnerable to the coming storm. The current predictions thankfully are less severe than last week’s storms, but we are taking every precaution. As we all know on the Gulf Coast, there are no guarantees when it comes to Mother Nature.”

Crews were seen throughout the City on Thursday preparing for the weekend storms. Some waterways were found with trash and others flowing freely.

Across town on Girby Road, a washout continues to keep the road closed. A woman involved with the washout still remains in the hospital. After multiple surgeries she’s expected to go home this weekend.

North of Moffett Road, on Northview Drive, a MAWSS retention tool burst, causing massive flooding in destroying Mr. Stephen Finch’s home. He and his wife are staying in a nearby hotel.

FOX10 News reached out to MAWSS for comment. Spokesperson Barbara Shaw issued a comment.

“MAWSS remains deeply concerned about the Finches and their neighbors on Northview Drive and we share their dismay over the events following the recent storm. We were at the site before daybreak on the morning of April 29 to view the situation…Because this matter is in litigation we cannot comment on liability issues. However, MAWSS considers this situation to be of the highest priority and will continue to press the entities responsible for the project to correct the situation with the pond and the stormwater drainage and to satisfactorily complete the project.”

FOX10 News will continue to find out more about this issue and alert you when it will be fixed.

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