Orange Beach works to clean its sands

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA)  – A pile of rubbish sits at the entrance of Cotton Bayou in Gulf State Park. Just a week ago, it was strewn along the sands just beyond the water’s edge.

“Most of its going to occur in what’s called the rack line. And that’s where most of the debris winds up. That’s really kind of the mean high tide line,” Reid Loper, project manager for Crowder Gulf, said.

Thursday was day one of the cleanup effort for the city-hired group, Crowder Gulf. Much has changed since the last time Fox10 News checked the sands. The biggest change is the removal of a handful of boats that were scattered along the beach.

“There were a couple of vessels that were washed up on the beach, but I think the owners have retrieved those already,” Loper said.

Loper said while there isn’t a large quantity of debris along the sands, what is there may not be safe.

“What is out here is, you know, hazardous to beachgoers. So it’s really important to the city and to us to get this up and make it doesn’t pose a hazard,” Loper said.

Which is why he said an impromptu scavenger hunt in the storm debris isn’t the best idea.

“There’s a lot of sharp objects that could be in there and hazards that you may not be seeing. Also wildlife hazards. You have no idea. So try not to rummage through that. That could be hazardous,” Loper said.

So it’s best to leave “the rummaging” to the professionals. He said unless the rain expected this weekend creates more beach junk, cleanup crews should be finished by Monday.

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