Mobile County road repairs halted?

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – This weekend’s rain could also put the brakes on work being done to repair roads damaged in last week’s flooding.

McGregor Ave. and Girby Road are still closed in Mobile due to large sinkholes and there’s some road work that needs to be done on Georgia Street off Government.

To prevent more flooding in midtown, one resident said her husband is trying to clean out the gutters on Georgia Street.

“He was just trying to make sure they were clear. I don’t know how the maintenance comes out and cleans but they do need to be cleaned so we don’t have any water standing,” she explained.

Ron McBay who lives near Ann street says he’s used to his road turning into a river.

“It comes up over the sidewalk a lot and luckily we have good neighbors who move our trash and out of the way when it’s a garbage pick up day but we like to refer to it as the Ann River,” he said.

MbBay didn’t experience a lot of damage last week but says he and his neighbors keep and eye out when the sky opens up.

“With normal rainfall there’s not a whole lot of flooding but water does collect. Anything above average you defiantly see water flowing down the street. With the last floods I did move the car to higher ground,” he explained.

For others who were less fortunate, the federal government has stepped in and offered FEMA assistance.

Mobile County says its only road closures during the storm were a result of rising water. All county roads are now open with the exception of Roberts Road in Chunchula which closed May 6 due to a collapsed pipe. The road closure may or may not have be a result of the earlier storms.

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