Floods pushing back growing season in Baldwin County

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – Farm fresh produce is the main draw at the Allegri market in Daphne. These days though locally grown goods are a little harder to come by after the flooding. At the market, Cherri Jackson, told us just about everything is harder to come by.

“The corn, tomatoes, and peas, just about everything,” Jackson said.

Numerous Impacts

Owner and farmer, Vince Allegri says the rain has impacted crops in numerous ways.

“One of the items you see in there today is yellow squash,” Allegri said. “We picked that yesterday. The only thing bad about it, we could have picked a week ago if we hadn’t had this rain and were not going to have as much on this first planting because a lot of it washed away.”

Flooded Fields; Big Problems

Across the street from the market Allegri’s has winter wheat sitting in a flooded field. He’ll need to harvest it in a couple of weeks but getting equipment stuck in the mud will be a real concern.

“Still water sitting in the roads and out in the fields,” he told us.

The wet fields will create another issue for farmers; delays in planting, which will delay when fresh produce hits the shelves later in the season. “It’s later. Everything’s later. I’d say everything’s ten days later than it could’ve been,” Allegri told us.

But not gone. Allegri said have some patience and eventually your favorite fruit and veggies will be back on the shelves.

Sweet Corn Delayed

Allegri says another crop Baldwin County is famous for, sweet corn, will likely be delayed as well. Usually you can count on it before Memorial Day, but Allegri said that will likely be pushed back into June.

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