Flood victims prepare for more wet weather

Thursday, May 8, folks all across the Gulf Coast are still trying to clean up after last week’s severe thunderstorms created widespread flooding and devastation. Baldwin County took a particularly hard beating, and now with more rain and possible flooding on the way, many Baldwin food victims are having to gear up for more unwanted wet weather.

One family in Daphne had pretty severe roof leaks after the last storm damaged their roof, but the problem is, they can’t find where the leaks are.

Thursday night, they’re bracing the reality that more rain is going to make for more water damage inside their home.

“We had a lot of rain coming in up here, and in through the windows, and after the storm we had to put holes in the walls because there was so much water coming in, we had to let it drain out, it leaked down the walls, it ruined our floors, and we have lots of damage behind the walls as well,” said Amber Smith, who saw the leakage happen in her Daphne home during last week’s severe weather.

Smith said last week’s thunderstorms ruined her daughter’s playroom after the storm caused roof leakage all through the walls.

Thursday night, Smith is frustrated for more rain, because she’s certain it’s going to leak again.

“It’s going to leak again, we’re not really sure where the leak is, so we can’t really put a tarp on it or patch it up right now,” she said.

Smith said she and other family members have searched all over the roof for the source of the leak and have had no luck.

They’re still waiting on their insurance company to process their original claim from last week’s storm, but Smith says she’ll most likely have to add to it after more inches of rain make their way to Baldwin County through the weekend.

“The adjuster has come out, but we’re still waiting on the claims to be uploaded and everything to be processed, so we’re still kind of in limbo waiting to find out how much damage there is, how much it’s going to cost,” she said.

Despite it all, she’s keeping a practical attitude, and rolling with the punches of mother nature.

“Right now there’s not a whole lot we really can do. If it does leak again, we’ll just put down some towels and clean it up.”

And in Fish River, folks were shoveling mud and sand all afternoon trying to prepare as best they could for what mother nature could throw at them Friday.

Ray Moore told FOX10 News that his parents house on Fish River didn’t fare so well last week in the severe weather.

He and his family have been cleaning up day and night since the storm hit.

But Thursday, news of rain put that cleanup on hold.

They’re shoveling mud and sand to prepare for more flooding, and taking wet items that were drying outside, back indoors.

“We’re just trying to get some of this cleaned up, trying to get some of this mud and sand out of here before we get more rain,” said Moore, “We’re hoping that it doesn’t get all sticky and nasty again.”

Despite all the bad luck they’ve seen with the weather, Moore said his Fish River community has really joined together to make the best of it.

“As soon as the water subsided, everybody on the street and through the neighborhood has been out trying to pull stuff out, salvage what they can,” said Moore.

The Fish River area saw some 20 inches of rain in the April 29 thunderstorms.

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