30 Teams In 30 Days: Mobile Christian Leopards

It’s been quite the turnaround as of late for Mobile Christian football. Since 2010, the Leopards have made the playoffs four straight years with a combined 31-18 record. Prior to that, the Leopards were an underachieving 50-55 from 2000-2009.

Following the 2013 season, head coach Neil Evans stepped down and former Leopard coach, Tommy Wasden stepped back in and has taken over spring practice.

“I think the biggest thing we look for in the spring is a lot more contact, so we can really find out who is aggressive, especially defensively and offensively, as well. So that’ll be the biggest thing we are looking for, to see how physical we are. To see how the younger players will come along and mix it up with the older guys,” said Wasden.

“Everybody is excited to get out there, we’ve got a lot of new people showing up and taking over new positions so I think everyone is really excited, me personally for my junior year,” said quarterback Jordan Aubrey.

“It’s pretty exciting, we’ve got a bunch of younger guys coming up, juniors who will be seniors and a bunch of seniors who haven’t started year, they’ll start this year,” said defensive end, J.T. Brooks.

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