Woman accused of murdering Army sergeant husband gets bond

MOBILE, Ala. – A Mobile woman accused of killing her Army sergeant husband was granted bond Wednesday, May 7 after being turned down twice before.

Even though she now has bond, Eugenia Campbell is still in jail. That’s because the bond is high, and it comes with some stipulations.

The murder victim’s family members were gathered outside the eighth floor courtroom Wednesday morning where Campbell was scheduled to appeal the bond she was denied twice before.

Assistant D.A. Jill Phillips said the prior judge cited several reasons for denying the bond.

“He talked about it was heinous and very atrocious and he specifically talked about those things at the last hearing. We also argued that there was a large amount of insurance money, and the fact that she was apprehended while she was living in Mississippi. So, we were concerned about a possible flight risk if she received bond,” Phillips said.

Campbell is accused of murdering her husband, Remano Campbell, is 2011. Prosecutors believe Campbell and her boyfriend Alexander Williams committed the crime hoping to collect two hundred thousand dollars in insurance money.

The victim’s mother, Patricia Campbell, said the judicial process has been difficult.

“I’ve heard this over and over in the courtroom for bond hearings, preliminary hearings, arraignments, this is my eighth time, and I’m not understanding what it is,” Campbell said.

Campbell was granted a $150,000 bond. In order to get out of jail she’ll have to come up with $10,000 in cash and $140,000 corporate surety. If Campbell does make the bond, she’ll have to wear an ankle bracelet monitor.

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