Rough roads in Baldwin County


The historic rainfall has left many roads in Baldwin County closed or in need of repair. County engineer Cal Markert told us the damage is the worst he’s ever seen and he’s asking for patience as crews set about repairing all the problems.

“We’re probably 75 percent complete inspecting every pipe that we do have and still finding some issues, but we’re working hard at it,” Markert said.


“It just dropped. There is no road.”

Stephanie Kibler told us her husband and daughter drove off a washed out section of county Road 26 Monday. She’s upset there weren’t more signs to warn of the danger.

“They’re okay. Thank God,” Kibler said. “But we don’t have comp and collision on our car.”


Road crews have reopened more than 200 roads across the county, including three more Wednesday, May 7. But in some spots it’s just a temporary fix and obviously more permanent solutions will have to be made.

Markert estimates all the roads will be reopened with temporary fixes in two to four weeks, but permanent repairs could take a year or longer.

“We’ve probably got over a hundred pipes that need some permanent repairs to them, so we’re doing the best we can,” Markert said.

And until those fixes can be made, heavy rains, like what’s forecasted for this weekend, will leave many roads vulnerable to more problems.

Markert says the total price tag for county-wide road repairs could easily top $8 million. He says the county is working through FEMA to pay most of those costs.

Here are the current road closings in Baldwin County.

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