Resident: I have to take a boat to my vehicle every morning

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – It’s been a week since the historic flooding, and unfortunately, in some areas, those floodwaters have not receded.

One area in particular is along Fort Morgan Road in Baldwin County.


Michael Poynter holds on to a rope as his wife and granddaughter climb down their front porch stairs.

Tthat’s because they’re all climbing into a boat, just to get across their front lawn.

Poynter said their front yard has been flooded by as much as three and a half feet of water since heavy rains early last week.

He said, “The little yellow boat, it kind of wobbles a little bit.  You get more than one person in there, it’s kind of hard to keep it balanced.”


Poynter has kept a good sense of humor about his daily effort to get to his car on dry land.

But, he said his wife’s car is a total loss because of the water.

When asked what she thought about the flooding, Deborah Poynter, Michael Poynter’s wife, said, “I hate it. I want my car back.”

And, that’s just the beginning of the problems caused by the flooding.

Michael Poynter said, “It has just covered everything that is vital to living out here. Our grinder system is underwater, so, the plumbing is all messed up.  The garage is flooded,  We still have two feet of water in the garage. Our main concern now is mold and mildew.”


Poynter said the water has not been able to drain quickly enough from his property, and he’s not sure why.

That has also brought some uninvited guests to his yard.

When asked what’s seen in the water, Poynter said, “So far, its been the water moccasins, and we have five alligators around here now.  (The) largest one is about five foot.”


Madison Hollis, Poynter’s Granddaughter, was asked what she thought about the flooding.

She said, “I don’t like it. it’s horrible.”

They say misery loves company, and, in this case, the Poynter family has some.

The couple who lives in the mobile home next door also has a flooded yard.

Poynter is waiting for FEMA officials to inspect his property.

In the meantime, Poynter said, “I’m pretty much done with rain right now.”

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