Daphne PD brace for Spice problems

Even though Daphne PD say Spice hasn’t been a major problem so far, they anticipate issues with what some have called an epidemic.

In the last few weeks, two men have been arrested for possession of Spice.

Both 27-year-old Phillip McCay and 23-year-old Jevon Jackson were arrested in separate traffic stops. Officers say they discovered spice on both of the men during the stops.

So far, Daphne Police say eight people have been arrested this year because of “Spice.”

“We are seeing it. It is here in Daphne. We have no deaths related to it at this point in time that we know of, so we’re not really having the problems yet that other agencies are having, but we fully expect it to come here,” said Jud Beedy with Daphne PD.

Police say they’ve only made 23 spice arrests since 2011, but the department says it’s preparing to see more issues in the future.

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