Stimpson: Mobile looks for government to help cover storm damage

MOBILE, Ala. Last week’s historic flooding left the city of Mobile with some costly repairs to damaged roads. Mayor Sandy Stimpson said Tuesday the city hopes to get some help from the federal government.

The flood waters are gone, but people are still detouring around several roads that were damaged by the historic flood.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson said damage in both the city and county combined may qualify Mobile for federal aid money.

“FEMA was here yesterday, they’ll be here today. They’ll go out on site. They’ll do their own assessment of the expected costs based on their knowledge. Then they’ll see if we meet the minimum threshold from a county perspective,” Stimpson said.

Mayor Stimpson said three of the biggest projects are in Mobile. The reconstruction of McGregor Avenue will cost between $100 thousand and 125 thousand dollars. The work could be completed in about four weeks.

It will take three months to repair Girby Road. That job could cost up to $200 thousand dolla The road and sidewalks washed out on Museum Drive during the storm. The city estimates it will take six weeks and 80 to 100 thousand dollars to repair.

The city council voted unanimously to approve emergency repair work on the three jobs. It means the engineering department can accept bids on the work without the required advertising.

The Mayor said the goal is to get the work done as quickly as possible. And if Mobile is approved for FEMA money the government will reimburse most of the cost.

“I think it could be as much as 75 percent. The county threshold, we have to have a million and a half in the county for us to meet the county threshold,” Stimpson said.

Those three projects aren’t the only ones the city has to tackle, but they are a priority.

The city also had some good news for people who are still trying to clean up behind the flood. After getting some calls from angry residents who were ticketed for putting out debris from the flood on non trash pickup weeks, Council President Gina Gregory asked the city to lighten up. Public works officials have now agreed to be more flexible while people are trying to get their lives in order.

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