New Dating App for Couples


Amazon just introduced a new feature that lets users shop from their Twitter feed. Users must first connect their Twitter account to Amazon. Then, whenever you see a tweet with an Amazon product link, just hit reply, and add #AmazonCart, and it will be waiting in your cart the next time you visit Amazon. Amazon’s slogan for the new feature is “Add it now, buy it later”. You’ll get an email from Amazon when an item has been successfully added to your cart through Twitter.

If you ask Yahoo not to track your online behavior the company will do so anyway! In a blog post, Yahoo’s privacy team says it will ignore “do not track” requests from users. Yahoo says the industry never defined clear no-tracking standards. Most internet companies track online behavior for data they need for advertising and tailored search options.

And, dating apps are putting on their game faces. Fresh on the heels of a new app release, another new app for couples has launched. It’s the You&Me app, and it lets sweethearts share content like photos, text, and video messages. There’s even the ability to send voice memo’s and your favorite song. Extra features include photobooth style pictures, front-back photos with one person on top and another on bottom, and steamed up pictures that the recipient must wipe clear to see. You&Me is free for iPhone and Android, and is in the app store.

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