Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde opens this week

Theatre 98’s production of an exciting new version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde opens Thursday, May 8th! Written by Jeffrey Hatcher and directed by Jonne Thornton, this show, based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, takes the story into unexpected directions. Idealistic young Dr. Jekyll has discovered a way to separate out his subconscious dark impulses, but there turns out to be a heavy price. Evil Mr. Hyde, his alter-ego, is played by four different actors, male and female. This play, with its erotically charged love story, asks us whether good and evil can be divisible—or whether they are more intermingled than we like to think. The staging is intensely theatrical, with 19th century London created by special lighting and sound effects, music, projections, and Becky Thornton’s impeccable costumes. This show is not suitable for children younger than high-school age.

Performances are May 8-11 and May 14-18, with Sunday shows at 2:30pm and all others at 8:00pm. Tickets are $18/adults and $12/students, and are available at www.theatre98.org  from April 28, and at the box office, 928-4366, from May 5. The theater is at the corner of Church and Morphy streets in downtown Fairhope.

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