Business shut down, one arrested in Spice bust

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) The Mobile Police Department is cracking down when it comes to synthetic marijuana, or ‘spice.’ On Tuesday, May 6, officers arrested 34-year-old William Walker Jr. at the One Stop Shop on Holcombe Avenue. Walker was the owner, and alleged seller of spice at the store.

Walker did not want to answer questions on Tuesday has he was brought out of his store in handcuffs. He faces charges of possession of marijuana first degree, trafficking analog marijuana, and distribution. Police said he was selling it right out of the cash register.

“The fact is he used the business in order to facilitate drug transactions and that’s why we want the business account,” said Mobile Police Chief James Barber.

Locks are now the doors and Chief Barber said he should not have to wait such a long time to do something like this…especially when it comes to a public-health threat.

“I’m trying to work with the city council on being able to find a process that we can shut down a business that is involved with illegal activity that either harms the health and safety of the community,” said Barber.

“I really didn’t know…God be with him. But I’m just surprised. I am. I’m just total shock,” said one neighbor.

“This particular spice that were seeing on the street is unlike the spice we’ve seen a month ago. And so there is a lethal medical emergency that’s occurring on the street and we want to be able to take really decisive quick action to stop it,” said Barber.

Stop actions like erratic behavior or even death. FOX10 News obtained exclusive video from the Mobile Police Department of a local man reacting to spice. You can hear and see his erratic behavior…something emergency room doctors have been seeing more of lately. See the video above.

Chief Barber tells FOX10 News this uptick in cases is indeed an epidemic and encourages you if you see anyone using spice or might be acting erratically to call 911 immediately or head to an emergency room.

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